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Session Details

*Please contact me for pricing*

The session day is all about YOU!  I want to hear your ideas, thoughts and opinions.  I want you to love these images…not look back and say, “well, that was awkward.”  After you book your session, I’ll have a customer information form for you to fill out~I encourage people to really write out their likes and dislikes, etc.  I want the images to reflect your family, not my obsession with the latest trend in portraits….although quite often I will have an idea I’d like to try out…I always make sure that the client is interested in my plan before I launch it on them!!

Session types:

Indoors Session
During the winter months, I do most session at either your home or my home using natural light.  For optimal lighting, I schedule sessions mid mornings and mid afternoons (depending on the time of year).  I have a variety of backgrounds and a few props, but you are always welcome to bring your own. 

Outdoor Session
I am open to just about any outdoor location…an old barn in your grandpa’s backyard, a cool brick wall you pass on your way to work, your living room couch thrown in the middle of a wheat field.  The sky’s the limit!  Speaking of the sky, we do need to take lighting into consideration.  During warm weather months, 2 hours before dusk is one of my favorite times to photograph…the light is heavenly!

I prefer to photograph families outdoors.  I find that everyone is more comfortable and happy when they have room to breath.  And happy families = beautiful pictures!

Most sessions usually run about an hour long….*newborns can take up to 3 hours, because they run the show!

The style of my sessions is a combination of classic portraits and candid/lifestyle type shots.  My goal is to get a nice mixture of both.  I love a great family picture where everyone is looking happily at the camera…but I also love getting the fun shots…laughing, crying or dancing around -unposed and natural.  Everyone has a unique personality, and I’m going to try my darndest to bring it out during the session! 

​A Note to Parents:

​The worst thing a parent can do to their child at their portrait session is to grit through their teeth “You better smile or else…” Really, they will listen to me MUCH better than they will listen to you (don’t take that personally). Plan on letting me take over and teasing them into smiling. Trust me–I have been there with my kids gritting my teeth and it DOESN’T work! And please don’t be embarrassed with less than 100% cooperation, I’m sorta used to it…I do this a lot and I don’t think anything about your parenting methods–most kids don’t want to be told what to do. I try to make it fun for them.

It is always great to offer incentive such as going out for ice cream after (a little bribery doesn’t hurt) but don’t hold it over their head the whole session. Let me know what it is, and I’ll remind them. I may take each child for an individual walk away from everyone to have a one on one conversation and get those natural smiles.

Honestly, dads are often my toughest cases. Moms, dad might need a little incentive, too:) Sometime, I get the kids to tickle dad to crack that natural smile. Oh yeah, and mom, don’t be too hard on yourself. Wear a shirt that you feel good about yourself in and plan the family clothing options around it. I recognize that if mom doesn’t look good, she won’t love the portraits, and I want you to LOVE them! I am a big advocate of moms being in pictures with their kids because they are often the unseen behind the camera.